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What is Spotflux?? 
Spotflux is devoted to protecting your digital privacy and security anywhere and on any device. Our tiny, but powerful application not only encrypts your internet traffic, it also performs millions of cloud-based, real-time calculations to remove tracking cookies and viruses without slowing your device.

Spotflux Full Version


1. Encrypted and Secure Connection:
Whether at home, traveling, or on a public WiFi, Spotflux encrypts and secures your connection and protects your privacy while browsing.

2. Malware and Virus Protection:
Spotflux continuously scans and protects your connection for inbound threats such as malware and viruses.

3. Open and Unrestricted Access:
Spotflux doesn't believe in limiting or blocking access to content. Access is always open and unrestricted while connected to Spotflux. Private,

4. Ad-free Browsing Experience Without tracking:
Enjoy clean ad-free browsing without tracking or targeted advertisements. Spotflux saves bandwidth, hides your IP address, and keeps your location private.

How does it work:
Spotflux harnesses the power of the cloud to conduct millions of real-time checks for invasive tracking, advertisements, malware, and other bugs that pose a threat to your identity or your data. Our Technology is complex and ever-evolving. While we work to improve our technology, And enjoy  the services is free of charge.

Spotflux Full Version

How Spotflux Protect??
Enable Spotflux and enjoy the internet as you always do. Your Internet Tariff is encrypted and sent through the Spotflux cloud. Our robots crushes Ad’s, tracking cookies & things that are behind you on web. Viruses and malwares are packed and destroyed. The location and identity of your Personal devices are concealed. Finally, your connection to the internet is safer, private & unrestricted.

How to Download??
1. Click on download now
2. Wait for few seconds and then click on
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