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Ace Translator With Patch – Supports 66 Languages Free Download

The application is amazingly easy to use and quite similar, in terms of functionality, to Google Translate. There are two different fields, one that allows you to pick the original text language and a second one where the app will display the translated text. Ace Translator is an interlingual rendition tool that supports a huge number of languages and, besides the text translating feature, it is also able to show the correct pronunciation for a user-defined phrase. There's no configuration menu and the whole job basically comes down to choosing the two languages and pressing the 'Translate' button and that's all.

Ace Translator

Features of Ace Translator:
All things considered, Ace Translator is one of the most efficient tools, this application may very well be among the top choices and there is only one requirement that you must have active internet connection.

1. Available Languages:
This translation software provides 66 available languages. There are more languages available in this software than in any of the others. It includes language in a wide range from the more common French, German and Spanish to the more unusual languages, including Lithuanian, Catalan and Yiddish.

2. Help & Support:
Ace’s technical support is helpful only for certain things such as contacting the manufacturer or connecting to the website. This software company doesn’t offer much customer support like a FAQs section or a user manual, but the system is so simple that there isn’t much to get help with.

3. Supported Formats & Files:
Ace Translator doesn’t integrate with several programs like similar products, but this translation software can open Microsoft Outlook for sending emails to support. If you want to interpret text from various formats, you have to copy and paste it into the interface. It compatible with Windows XP, Vista Windows 7.

Ace Translator

Keep in mind that in order to use the program you'll need an active Internet connection because, just like the developer explains, Ace Translator makes use of the online translation services. Some of the languages also come with a second feature that will allow users to listen to the translated text and thus learn the correct pronunciation. Among the supported languages, we should probably mention English, Bulgarian, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Macedonian or Persian and many others.

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